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Apr 20, 2010 6:00pm EDT
in washington and you'll find a 70-degree reading down toward culpepper, virginia. the rest of the evening, down to the low 60s. variable cloudy skies. enjoy it and enjoy a dry start tomorrow. after tomorrow early, things begin to change. we'll talk about when the rain comes in and when it blows out all coming up. >>> let's talk pets. specifically stink bugs. what exactly is a stink bug? they are those pesky, creepy, crawly bugs that invade our gardens and communities. they are easy to spot, too, with the brown armor plated outer shells, but what makes the bugs smell so bad? it's when you kill them. experts say the owedder is something you will remember. that's why they have to wear latex gloves. >> reporter: people that have no problem will just squish it although the stink will be all over their hands. >> experts say the stink bug is considered a good bug since it eats all of the harmful insects like clover, worm caterpillars, things that eat up your garden. >>> coming up, it is an eye ontic compound with nacl. you know it as table salt. coming up, why the fda is cracking down on how much a
Apr 2, 2010 6:00pm EDT
easter sunday probably brings us more clouds. the rain will stay south towards virginia beach. here's your forecast tonight. 4. mostly clear. relatively mild overnight. your saturday 74. two free guarantee for bwi marshall because it will catch a cool southeast breeze but areas west of baltimore out towards westminster you'll find temperatures around80. 52 with a few passing clouds. seven-day forecast. easter sunday all the bunnies excited about this one. we are talking 76 and a lot of sunshine. probably up to 80 in the west. warming up toward tuesday. chance for rain comes in wednesday, thursday and friday. enjoy a nice, sunny dry stretch of weather while we have it. >> thank you, wyatt. >>> we are getting down to the wire. opening day four days away. this afternoon the birds took on the new york yankees down in florida. third start for the o's. gave up four runs in the first. settled down after that. birds went in the 9thth with a 6-4 lead. game ended in 6-6 tie. >>> live look at the inner harbor. ├Ĺ [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season, but it's melting fast. s
Apr 13, 2010 6:00pm EDT
is south of baltimore. moving down in to south maryland and towards virginia beach. here is the pattern upper air disturbance behind the cool front. there is mile sunny weather to be had. that will slide up through the next few days. much warmer numbers as we get in to the warm air. clouds clear off nicely and we should see the showers coming to an end. for tonight dropping to 40, a few showers, we clear out, little chilly though. tomorrow 64. partly cloudy, we will be dry and cool tomorrow night at about 426789 here is the seven- day forecast, and as we look ahead here a nice trend, drier tomorrow, morning clouds, 64. 72 and 75 thursday and friday. that's going to feel nice. will be a chance for a few showers friday in to saturday. doesn't look like much right now. . live look from the camera at the inner harbor. steady rain coming down. take it easy on the roads. things will get better tomorrow. stick around we'll be right back after a break. [ woman ] with my diabetes... i make my efforts count... so i switched to the freestyle promise® program... a unique program that gives me...
Apr 19, 2010 6:00pm EDT
in deep southwestern virginia. nothing in maryland. clear, beautiful stuff. that will hold up here again through the day tomorrow. you can see the beginnings of our next unsettled weather maker coming our way. it is springing a few showers across kentucky and tennessee. in the meantime we are in a cool, dry pattern in the mid atlantic. it will hold up through tomorrow afternoon. clouds increase and chance of rain comes in on wednesday. forecast model high and dry tonight. tomorrow sunny skies. maybe a few thin clouds. here's the next weather maker. watch tuesday into wednesday. that moves in our direction. chance for showers wednesday afternoon and night. batch of cloud cover west of this storm. this is our next weather maker that comes in into the weekend. weekend looks like there could be rain around. 42 tonight mostly clear. tomorrow beautiful day. milder. we should struggle close to 70. 68 bwi marshall. downtown 70. tomorrow night down to 45 as clouds thicken up. seven-day forecast chance for rain begins to come in late wednesday. that will hang around through part of the day. then w
Apr 23, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. showers peppering west virginia. first line of showers will make its way in tomorrow afternoon. this is a locked up frontal boundary that slid south of us today. cleared the skies. now it is retro grading back. we are seeing a few clouds sneaking in southern maryland. then there is the major weather maker that comes in tomorrow night into sunday. the boundary is sliding north. mild, dry air for the moment. watching the next storm system. here's the timing. forecast model. we'll increase clouds tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon chance of scattered showers. main round of rain coming in tomorrow evening. very wet saturday night. especially late overnight into early sunday. looks like a soaker out there. scattered showers as we work in the rest of sunday. sunday we don't clear out rapidly but we'll see the heaviest rain ending on early sunday morning. overnight 48. partly cloudy. stays dry. two degree guarantee tomorrow. we are going with only 60 due to increasing clouds and chance for rain-cooled air. i think a cooler day on tap tomorrow temperature-wise. rain big time tomorrow night.
Apr 27, 2010 6:00pm EDT
-to-east. that will continue overnight. nearest rain toward virginia beach. we stay dry tonight. tomorrow and into the foreseeable future. all courtesy of this cool front which is finally pushing that rain out of here. further and further away. cool air filtering in behind it. dry conditions, our faucet -- forecast model keeping us dry into the day tomorrow. we may see clouds at times, then all sunshine as we go into thursday. that helps to warm us up even more. tonight, cold, 37 degrees by day prai break, cloudy and breezy. 2-degree guarantee 63. mostly sunny skies and big improvement in the weather coming after tomorrow. tomorrow night clear and still chilly. the 7-day forecast, again, the outlook here, warming up big time. talking about 70 thursday, 81 friday. pushing up into the mid and upper 80s as we go toward the end of the weekend here. >>> a live lk look from our camera at the inner harbor, looking at the closing numbers. that is coming up. wyett has the final forecast coming up. stay there. [ male announcer ] it's a price that starts low and stays low. now pay just $99.99 a mon
Apr 28, 2010 6:00pm EDT
even extending down toward washington and northern virginia frost a concern overnight. tomorrow we are looking for even clearer skies than we have right now and with that, a nice warmup, also that north wind flow will relax and we won't see as much fresh, cold air coming out of the upper midwest. no active weather to our west. cool, breezy for one more night and then the big change beginning to come in as that wind lets up but you can see all across new england today, temperatures held down big time, unseasonably cold from new york to baltimore, back through columbus and detroit, but these numbers out to our south and west from memphis back through say atlanta, those are where we are looking for tomorrow, up around 70 which is going to be seasonal and then each day getting warmer into the weekend. we are talking temperatures pushing 90 by sunday, much much warmer. but tonight, none of that, 37 in the city, colder in the outer suburbs, yeah there could be some frost tomorrow, up to about 70 or so, mostly sunny and then tomorrow night we are talking about a milder night, 47 so no thr
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)